The value of entertainment
A hospital stay can be a lonely, daunting or scary experience for many people. Having access to entertainment can be extremely useful in keeping patients distracted, calm, and rested, and in the best possible condition to respond to treatment.

Entertainment and engagement
Hospedia’s Patient Centred Care Platform is designed with the hospital environment in mind, providing patients with a wide range of multi-media services to keep them entertained and in touch with the outside world. The Hospedia solution delivers a selection of popular TV channels, an extensive on-demand movie library, internet connectivity and telephone. Hospitals can choose to add further value through providing TV free of charge to patients, which Deloitte estimated is worth up to £75k through CQUIN payments associated with statistically significant increases in patient satisfaction. As a result, Hospedia now offers free TV (BBC1, BBC2, ITV, C4, 5) from 8am to 12 noon in almost all of its hospitals, and 7am to 7pm in childrens wards.

Hospedia offer a number of options for hospitals planning to install a bedside media solution, with a managed service model or concession model available to support healthcare organisations with different budgets, plans, and priorities.

If you are a patient wanting to find out more about your hospital system, please visit our Patient Media Area.

Key Benefits

  • Entertained, calm and more rested and relaxed patients
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Hospital wide solutions
  • FREE landline calls (to 01, 02 and 03 numbers)
  • FREE morning TV in most hospitals
  • FREE daytime TV in Childrens wards
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