The importance of patient nutrition
Nutrition not only affects patient wellbeing, speed of recovery and length of hospital stay, but also improving nutrition and increasing consumption can make a real difference to a patient’s recovery, and overall satisfaction.

Streamlining the process
With hundreds of thousands of paper menus printed, distributed and collected each year in an average hospital, Hospedia’s Catering Tools offer significant cost savings and efficiencies, while improving patient awareness and reducing wastage. Menu Display allows hospitals to publish, amend and update visually-rich menus onto the Patient Centred Care Platform at the bedside. The menus can include information about nutritional content, the origins of the ingredients and dietary restrictions and allergens, as well as showing images of the food.

Meal Ordering takes these benefits a step further, by allowing patients to order their meals directly from their bedside. Not only does this process engage patients directly in their nutrition, it saves significant staff time, reduces food waste and increases choice and satisfaction. Studies by Deloitte indicate that the Meal Ordering solution from Hospedia can generate annual cost savings of £147k, alongside £660k per annum value from improvements to patient nutrition, for the average UK acute hospital.

Key Benefits

“The system makes it simpler for both patients and the hospital to ensure the correct food is ordered, cooked and
dispatched, saving the tax payer thousands of pounds. I hope other hospitals will follow Bournemouth’s example.”
Tobias Ellwood, Bournemouth East MP

“Food is paramount to our patients’ recovery and the new system gives each individual greater control over their own diet while away from home.”
Andy Whittingham, Head of Catering,
The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals
NHS Foundation Trust

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