For Patient Flow Management in Mental Health, Community and the wider Health Economy, the ability to view and interact with virtual wards allows for information to be held, shared and managed in the same way as inpatient information, even when the patient is receiving care outside the hospital. Managing patient data through the same ExtraMed system allows healthcare providers to ensure accurate and up-to-date information is available should the patient be admitted, creating an integrated care pathway and contributing to a smooth, efficient patient journey.

An interactive whiteboard displays a real-time view of inpatient and virtual wards, supporting frontline staff in managing patient care in the relevant settings. Re-admission prevention tools support community and outreach teams in delivering reductions in admissions or length of stay, improvements in patient safety, and increased efficiency. The system can also be accessed, viewed and updated through a secure browser login on a PC or mobile device (such as a smart phones or tablet).

The GP Portal within ExtraMed, supports safer and more efficient discharge planning by providing a view of the system for GPs and their teams. This allows them to follow the progress of their patients throughout their inpatient journey and have full visibility of completed and planned activities, discharge date and actions. They are also able to communicate with other members of the care team through the system ensuring complete integration and joined up care.

For Social Care, ExtraMed supports a fully electronic referral and communication process between inpatient teams and social care teams. Early referral and full visibility of inpatient activities and plans supports a more collaborative approach and earlier, safer discharge. Where hospitals discharge patients to multiple local authorities & sub teams, sophisticated algorithms ensure the correct team is alerted to the upcoming discharge.

Key Benefits

  • Integrated care pathway
  • Smooth and efficient patient journey
  • Safer and more efficient discharge process
  • Real-time view of patient data
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