At the Point of care
The new observation capture solution from Hospedia allows the electronic recording of vital signs, nursing assessments and associated care plans at the point of care.

Using the Hospedia bedside terminal, a handheld tablet device or a smart phone, clinical staff can easily record patient observations, helping to recognise, escalate and alert medical staff to deteriorating patients in a more effective and timely way and in line with recommendations from national guidelines.

Effective & Efficient
Capturing observations electronically is not only quicker than traditional paper recording, but all assessments are instantly backed up, and included in the patient records with the data available across the hospital in real time - through the ExtraMed system or integrated with the Trust’s EPR system.

With an intuitive and easy to use interface, clinical staff are able to concentrate on the patient and the tasks at hand, supporting the paperless initiative, delivering increased accuracy and reducing the margin for error.

The ExtraMed Vital Signs & Nursing Assessments Solution from Hospedia provides:

  • Improved accuracy through real-time acuity
  • Unlimited assessments & care plans
  • Integration with Patient Flow
  • Management and Oversight Dashboards


Key Benefits

  • National Early Warning Scores calculated automatically, reducing the risk of errors and improving patient outcomes
  • Highlights deteriorating patients to ward staff, specialist teams and at the operations centre, supporting early intervention and prevention
  • Ward staff supported by status at a glance prompts and task lists to improve compliance with clinical standards
  • Full audit trail and charting of results supporting investigations
  • A wide range of standard assessments – including NEWS, Waterlow, nutrition, falls and pain – the system provides an interface for hospitals to define their own assessments
  • Flexible and fully featured future-proof solution
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