The need to know what patients think
There is a clear need for hospitals to seek out patient feedback to enhance the patient experience, target service improvements and deliver improved patient-centred care. Patient feedback is a crucial measure for healthcare providers, evidenced by the CQUIN targets specific to this area.

High response rates, low bias - simple and effective
Hospedia’s Patient Centred Care Platform is uniquely positioned to provide a robust, reliable, real-time survey solution, utilising the power of existing point of care systems directly at the patient bedside. Extending beyond the bedside, Hospedia’s survey solution can also be deployed throughout the hospital, through kiosks and on mobile devices.

According to research by The Picker Institute Europe, compared to alternative survey methods, the Hospedia solution has higher response rates, lower bias and more responses from typically hard to reach groups such as young males and ethnically diverse patients. Deloitte’s analysis of the Feedback solution indicated that it can provide financial benefits of £180,000 in the first year, and £100,000 each year thereafter, across an average 500 bed hospital, supporting cost improvement goals as well as patient engagement, improvements in patient care and NHS initiatives.

Key Benefits

“We use Hospedia to deliver the new friends and family survey requirement, which means that daily patient feedback is captured in real time across the whole hospital... This requirement is delivered by the same system Hospedia provide us to capture inpatient surveys – consolidating our feedback in real time into one easy to use, organisation wide system”

Lynn Thomas, Head of Patient Experience & Public Engagement, Broomfield Hospital, Mid Essex Hospitals NHS Trust

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