Our integrated solutions can be broadly categorised into Clinical Solutions, Patient Engagement Solutions, and Patient Media - which work together to provide an unmatched service, seamlessly integrated into the healthcare ecosystem to deliver optimised patient-centred care. These solutions support key hospital initiatives and provide access to powerful data and analytics through a platform that is flexible and adaptable and grows with customer needs over time.

Clinical Solutions, Patient Engagement and Patient Media delivered at the point of care, enable operational efficiencies alongside significant financial benefits, such as reducing length of stay, supporting paperless initiatives and improving clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.


Hospedia's Clinical Solutions provide hospitals with powerful software and hardware tools to manage patient care digitally, saving time and administration costs and delivering benefits across the acute, community, mental health and social care settings including:

  • Patient Flow Systems that increase the effective and efficient flow of patients inside the hospital and between healthcare providers
  • The real-time collection and escalation of vital signs, nursing assessments and care plans that combine to make patients safer and reduce mortality rates


Our ExtraMed Vital Signs and Nursing Assessment solutions provide real efficiencies in day-to-day operational tasks, such as patient assessments and replace paper-based processes with real-time data accessible across a range of devices.

The ExtraMed Patient Flow Management solutions replace traditional whiteboard and paper-based methods of tracking bed management and patient flow with electronic whiteboards, providing bi-directional integration with existing clinical systems to support patient care in acute, emergency, mental health and community settings. Hospedia's Mobile Medic solution works alongside the Patient Flow Management Solution to further support Hospital at Night with improved clinician alerting and task management.

With patients already interacting with bedside devices, our clinical services at the bedside deliver more effective and efficient interaction between patients and clinicians.

Our Hospedia Enterprise Solution provide a  wide range of additional software and hardware solutions: Clinical Access solutions provide hospitals with access to their own applications from the bedside device or via a mobile solution, allowing clinicians to discuss care plans directly with the patient. Our hardware solutions include mobile tablet devices and electronic whiteboards, through to our selection of bedside and wall mounted patient media devices.

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What are the benefits?

  • Patient-centred care, with increased interaction between patients and clinical staff
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Improved care quality
  • Reduced waiting times
  • Reduced length of stay
  • Improved discharge processes
  • Access to a full computing device at the patient bedside, reducing the cost and risks associated with Tablets, Computers on Wheels and BYOD strategies
  • Improved efficiency through enhanced information sharing
  • Reduction in paper processing, saving time and reducing waste
ExtraMed Patient Flow Management
ExtraMed Healthcare Economy
ExtraMed Vital Signs & Assessments
Hospedia Enterprise Solutions


Hospedia's Patient Engagement solutions allow patients to connect with their health and care at the bedside, through a range of powerful engagement solutions – Real-Time Surveys, Catering Tools (from Menu Display to Meal Ordering), Translation Tools, and Healthcare Education. Patients can access information, choose when and how to provide feedback and make informed choices about their nutrition, all from the comfort of their bed.

Using the familiar bedside device enables hospitals to increase the level of interaction that can be achieved, by involving patients directly with their care, supporting patient choice and building towards a fully integrated clinical workflow tool.

Hospitals also benefit from powerful data capture across all of our engagement solutions, offering increased operational insight and efficacy. The data captured through the bedside devices also provides auditable information to support payments from government-incentive schemes.

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What are the benefits?

  • Patient-centred care through a familiar, bedside device
  • Opportunities for direct and indirect communication with individual patients
  • Cost savings compared to alternative methods of patient engagement
  • Feedback solution offers high response rates and low bias, providing valuable data to support service change
  • Catering Tools generate improvements to patient experience and nutrition
  • Increased patient independence and ownership of health
Real-Time Surveys
Healthcare Education & Information
Translation Tools
Catering Tools


Patient Media at the bedside helps to engage, inform and entertain patients, making their stay in hospital more comfortable and supporting smoother day-to-day hospital running, enhancing efficiency, enabling faster recovery and supporting optimal clinical workflow for healthcare providers.

Hospedia’s interactive bedside solution delivers a wide range of TV channels, an extensive on-demand movie library, internet connectivity, telephone and a reliable Wi-Fi solution. It is the most comprehensive and interactive hospital media system available on the market today.

The primary Hospedia solution is an arm-mounted touchscreen device, available in a range of screen sizes. Alternatively, wall-mounted LCD screens are ideal for private patients and single-room use.

Comprehensive public Wi-Fi can be extended into staff accommodation, and our partnership with The Cloud in delivering this makes our hospital Wi-Fi solution second to none.

Designed for the healthcare environment, Hospedia’s Patient Centred Care Platform not only meets patients’ entertainment and communication needs, but also provides extensive opportunities for hospitals to engage further through our range of powerful Patient Engagement and Clinical Solutions.

If you are a patient wanting to find out more about your hospital system, please visit our Patient Media Area.

What are the benefits?

  • Patient experience improvements through market leading entertainment and communication solutions
  • A wide range of free services, improving patient satisfaction
  • Provision of information about hospital services
  • Delivery of multiple services through a single, intuitive device
  • Value for money pricing packages based on patient habits, length of stay and patient feedback
  • 24/7 patient contact with friends and family through our market-leading Wi-Fi service
Bedside and In-Room