Essential communications
There is a clear need for on-going communication with patients during a hospital stay, and providing a variety of methods of communication is important when dealing with people who may be anxious, confused or potentially not speak English.

Effective electronic approaches
Hospedia’s Patient Centred Care Platform provides hospitals with opportunities to communicate with patients in a number of ways, whether that’s with individual patients, or groups of targeted patient demographics. The power of our solution allows hospitals to create a tailored communication plan, and use the integrated bedside solutions to prompt specific interactions.

The integrated bedside phone can be used to further enhance communication, through click-to-dial advertisements that generate a telephone call to relevant services, such as PALS, chaplaincy or smoking cessation teams. The bedside telephone also makes it possible to deliver live translation services, right at the point of care. Live translation at the bedside saves valuable time communicating with patients who don’t speak English, ensuring they don’t have to wait in confusion until a suitable interpreter is available, and ensuring essential treatment can be carried out as soon as possible. It also saves money, reducing the costs associated with bringing in trained translation staff.

Key Benefits

  • Informed, engaged and supported patients have better outcomes
  • Live phone translation at the touch of button, saving valuable time and money, and reducing the delay in treatment
  • Click-to-dial for immediate support services (e.g. PALS and Chaplaincy or Smoking Cessation etc.)
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