Accessibility in hospitals

Hospedia’s comprehensive Wi-Fi solution is fast and reliable. Wireless internet access is made available across the hospital, providing connectivity in areas such as wards, day rooms, restaurants, staff quarters and short-stay wards. Hospedia’s Wi-Fi solution combines our 15 years of experience at the patient bedside, with Europe’s leading Wi-Fi provider, The Cloud, to deliver a robust, family-friendly service across healthcare providers. Patients can use the device of their choice, and log in through an easy, familiar user interface.

Hospitals also benefit from increased communication with patients and visitors, by including free welcome messages, personalised landing pages, links to on-line feedback services and access to hospital and charity web pages. As the service can be overlaid onto existing infrastructure, there is often little capital expenditure required, allowing the solution to be implemented quickly and cost effectively. In addition, our Wi-Fi solution for hospitals includes flexible charging options and revenue share opportunities.

As the service is provided in partnership with The Cloud, users can have easy access through the The Cloud Fast Connect App, giving them access to thousands of free Cloud Wi-Fi access points across the country and in popular stores and restaurants.

If you are a patient wanting to find out more about your hospital system, please visit our Patient Media Area.

Key Benefits

“Providing patients with Wi-Fi access on their mobiles, tablets and computers is one way in which patients can keep in touch with friends and family, catch up on news and emails and help them to recover quicker. The service we have received from Hospedia and The Cloud has been outstanding but more importantly the take up from Patients of the new service has been beyond our expectations.”
Christopher Burgess, CEO, The Royal Free Charity

“I use Hospedia's Wi-Fi to stay in touch with my grandchildren, they taught me how to use Facebook and send me photos. Amazing and keeps me going!”
Patient of The Royal Free Hospital


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