Our portfolio of solutions use digital technology to help hospitals deliver better care and a better patient experience.

Digital Platform

Enable digital transformation at the point of care. Overlays your legacy systems to make data available where it’s needed.

Patient Engagement

Allow patients to connect with their care at the bedside.


Keep staff, patients, friends and family connected.

Case Studies

Find out how we’re helping NHS Trusts, hospitals and frontline staff deliver digital transformation at the point of care.

Keeping patients connected and engaged

How Hospedia’s WiFi solution has enabled a number of hospitals to deliver connectivity for patients and staff alike.

Case Study

Improving patient connectivity

Hospedia’s Hospital WiFi solution (powered by The Cloud) has enabled a number of hospitals to meet expectations for patient and staff connectivity.

As providers of interactive, digital solutions to improve patient experience, patient care and operational practices, Hospedia are able to offer a flexible, easy-to-use service that fits the expectations of today’s digital nation, through a strong partnership with Europe’s largest WiFi service.

Royal Surrey, Bournemouth and Royal Free hospitals all provide Hospedia’s public access WiFi to their patients, staff and visitors. An additional four hospitals are in the process of rolling out the service, and are either transitioning from an existing solution or starting to provide public access WiFi for the first time.

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