Our portfolio of solutions use digital technology to help hospitals deliver better care and a better patient experience.

Digital Platform

Enable digital transformation at the point of care. Overlays your legacy systems to make data available where it’s needed.

Patient Engagement

Allow patients to connect with their care at the bedside.


Keep staff, patients, friends and family connected.

Case Studies

Find out how we’re helping NHS Trusts, hospitals and frontline staff deliver digital transformation at the point of care.

Keeping patients connected and engaged

How Hospedia’s WiFi solution has enabled a number of hospitals to deliver connectivity for patients and staff alike.

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Whatever you may have heard, patients can always make outbound calls free of charge to 01, 02 and 03 numbers and mobiles.

Hospedia charges 13p per minute to call a patient’s phone. This is to cover running costs for 60,000 units in 130 hospitals by our 170 dedicated staff. Charges over 13p/minute are made by your network operator and not received by Hospedia.

There is free TV from 8am till 12pm on adult wards, and from 7am till 7pm on children’s wards, every day.

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