Our portfolio of solutions use digital technology to help hospitals deliver better care and a better patient experience.

Digital Platform

Enable digital transformation at the point of care. Overlays your legacy systems to make data available where it’s needed.

Patient Engagement

Allow patients to connect with their care at the bedside.


Keep staff, patients, friends and family connected.

Case Studies

Find out how we’re helping NHS Trusts, hospitals and frontline staff deliver digital transformation at the point of care.

Keeping patients connected and engaged

How Hospedia’s WiFi solution has enabled a number of hospitals to deliver connectivity for patients and staff alike.

Delivering access and true digital inclusion

NHS WiFi and Patient Media solutions from Hospedia

Keeping patients engaged, mentally active, informed and in touch with the outside world is proven to improve their experience and response to treatment. Hospedia’s solution combines WiFi with bedside terminals to deliver a solution suitable for all patients.

Informed patients enjoy better outcomes

Research has consistently found that patients who are better informed about their care, condition and medications experience better outcomes. The evidence also suggests that better informed patients are less anxious, more compliant, more satisfied with the quality of their care, and more able to contribute to their rehabilitation. For hospitals, this also leads to reduced rates of readmission.

Digital inclusion for all patients

Access to information and services is a key part of digital health and digital inclusion. Our NHS WiFi solution allows patients and the public to download health apps, browse the internet and access health and care information whilst in hospital. However, just providing wifi will exclude a significant proportion of those spending time in hospital.

Our NHS WiFi solution

Hospedia’s comprehensive WiFi solution is fast and reliable. Wireless internet access is made available across the hospital, providing connectivity in areas such as wards, day rooms, restaurants, staff quarters and short-stay wards. Patients can use the device of their choice, and log in through an easy, familiar user interface.

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