If you have any issues logging on or using a Hospedia Wi-Fi network, please contact our Wi-Fi support team on 0333 222 56 88

In addition to our Bedside Entertainment system, Hospedia provide a Wi-Fi service to enable patients, visitors and staff access to the internet via their own devices at a growing number of hospitals.

In partnership with The Cloud, Hospedia has designed an intuitive portal with a simple registration process. If you have already registered with The Cloud, you’ll be automatically logged on when you enter a Hospedia Wi-Fi Zone, and will then see the hospitals personalised landing page.

Our service is designed to be family friendly, and while some locations may charge for the service, you’ll always get 15 minutes FREE access per day, and FREE access to SKY News and SKY Sports News content. Many hospitals offer free Wi-Fi, with various levels of access to streaming media, depending on the hospital, so please check what is available at your particular hospital.

Introducing Your Hospedia Bedside TV & Phone System
Most beds in hospital have a Hospedia bedside TV, phone and entertainment system to help make your stay as comfortable as possible. Services may vary by hospital and ward – please see bedside unit for actual service:

  • FREE TV typically 8am-12noon, channels 1-5*
  • FREE TV 7am-7pm in Kids wards*
  • FREE phone calls to 01, 02, 03 numbers
  • FREE radio
  • Up to 29 TV channels*
  • Sky Sports*
  • BT Sports*
  • Over 50 new and classic movies*
  • TV Box Sets*
  • Internet and Audiobooks*
  • Information services / Surveys and feedback

* some services vary by hospital

When you reach your hospital bed, follow the instructions on the bedside screen to get yourself set up on the TV. It only takes a few moments and then you’re all set.

To use our services (including your free TV, Radio and calls to landlines numbers beginning 01, 02 and 03), you will need to create an account first. It’s easy, and this information secures your account and stops others from using your credit in case you move beds during your stay. We only ask for your initial, surname and date of birth to create your account. Your personal details are safe, and will not be passed on to anyone.

If you have problems getting started, just pick up your bedside phone to speak to our Customer Care Team. This is always a FREE call from the bedside, and our Advisors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help.

If you want to use a chargeable service, like TV or films, you’ll need to put some credit into your ‘Account’ on your bedside TV & Phone.

You can either add credit by purchasing a Paycard with cash at one of our many vending machines located either in or near to your ward; or just pick up the phone and chat with our Customer Care Team. To add credit yourself using a debit or credit card just follow the on-screen instructions.

If you’re a relative or friend, you can purchase credit for a patient by dialing 0345 414 1234.

If you are not planning on taking any means of payment with you to hospital, please call our customer care team on 0345 414 1234 before your stay, and they can create your account and add credit for you to use when you are in hospital.

We have a range of bedside TVs, which differ depending upon the hospital and ward that you are in, so you may have a TV that is touch screen, or that has a separate control with a keyboard.

Each TV however, has clear instructions on how to use it, but if you experience any difficulty just pick up the handset and speak to our customer service centre (free of charge) who will be happy to help talk you through using the TV and setting up your account. They will also be able to recommend an entertainment bundle suitable to you, depending on your viewing preferences and your predicted length of stay.

You can also set up an account and pre-purchase any entertainment packages in advance of your hospital stay by calling us on 0345 414 1234.

We understand that being in hospital can sometimes be a daunting time, and we are committed to helping your stay be as comfortably as possible.

If you know are going to be in hospital, then you can set up an TV account before you go, and pre-purchase credit for your stay. Then when you arrive in your bed, you just need to pick up the phone handset to our customer service centre to activate it!

Just call us on 0345 414 1234 for more details.

Many of the hospital that we have our bedside TVs in, run regular surveys. These may be related to the quality of your food, your level of hydration, or more broadly about the experience of your stay.

These surveys are designed to enable the hospital to continue to listen to the voice of patients, and is used to ensure that services are continually monitored and improved to make your stay safer and more comfortable.

If there are surveys being run on your Bedside TV, please take time to provide your feedback.

Thank you!

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