Our portfolio of solutions use digital technology to help hospitals deliver better care and a better patient experience.

Digital Platform

Enable digital transformation at the point of care. Overlays your legacy systems to make data available where it’s needed.

Patient Engagement

Allow patients to connect with their care at the bedside.


Keep staff, patients, friends and family connected.

Case Studies

Find out how we’re helping NHS Trusts, hospitals and frontline staff deliver digital transformation at the point of care.

Keeping patients connected and engaged

How Hospedia’s WiFi solution has enabled a number of hospitals to deliver connectivity for patients and staff alike.

Helping patients connect with health and care

Patient Engagement by Hospedia

Hospedia’s Patient Engagement solution allow patients to connect with their care at the bedside. It’s proven to aid rehabilitation and reduce readmission as well as delivering value for management and staff.

Patients can access information, choose when and how to provide feedback and make informed choices about their nutrition, all from the comfort of their bed. The familiar bedside device helps to increase the level of digital inclusion and interaction that can be achieved.

Hospitals also benefit from powerful data capture across all of our engagement solutions, offering increased operational insight and efficacy. The data captured through the bedside devices can also provide auditable information to support payments from government incentive schemes.

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Patient Engagement modules include:

Healthcare education and information

Hospitals can provide a range of educational materials right at the patient’s bedside. Hospedia’s Patient Education solution aligns closely with key healthcare objectives, providing access to information at the point in the patient journey when it is needed most. Patients are able to browse an extensive library text and video content, research their condition and medical treatment with information collated and distributed by organisations including NHS Choices, Milner-Fenwick and Staywell.

Real-time surveys and patient feedback

There is a clear need for hospitals to seek out patient feedback to enhance the patient experience, target service improvements and deliver improved patient-centred care. Patient feedback is a crucial measure for healthcare providers, evidenced by the CQUIN targets specific to this area.

Catering tools

Meal Ordering allows patients to order their meals directly from their bedside. Not only does this process engage patients directly in their nutrition, it saves significant staff time, reduces food waste and increases choice and satisfaction. Studies by Deloitte indicate that the Meal Ordering solution from Hospedia can generate annual cost savings of £147k, alongside £660k per annum value from improvements to patient nutrition, for the average UK acute hospital.

GP Portal access

Hospedia has teamed up with NHS England to provide hospital patients with free access to the GP Online service from their bedside. Patients can access a wide range of NHS websites and services, including their GP records. They can book an appointment online and order repeat prescriptions before they are discharged.

Dementia orientation screen

This can be particularly useful feature, especially at night, for patients with dementia who can become confused or disorientated in hospital. The Dementia Orientation Screen can be activated to give them at-a-glance orientation information. The bedside unit displays a range of important information in a clear and simple format, including: Hospital and ward name, the day, date and time, the next meal. There is also a ‘sound on’ function that speaks the screen.

Translation tools

There is a clear need for on-going communication with patients during a hospital stay. Providing a range of ways to communicate is crucial when dealing with people who may be anxious, confused or have English as additional language.

“We use Hospedia to deliver the new friends and family survey requirement, which means that daily patient feedback is captured in real time across the whole hospital… This requirement is delivered by the same system Hospedia provide us to capture inpatient surveys – consolidating our feedback in real time into one easy to use, organisation wide system.”

Lynn Thomas, Head of Patient Experience & Public Engagement, Broomfield Hospital, Mid Essex Hospitals NHS Trust

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